Naturally at home - applying vedic architecture for

located between forest and water in the heart of the city

health - wellbeing - growth - success

Peace Estate

Unique plan for an ideal living environment

The goal of the Peace Estate is to create a living environment which not only promotes and supports the health, wellbeing and personal growth of the people living there, but also creates harmony among the neighbours and radiates a natural atmosphere of relaxation and peace in the whole environment.


This goal is achieved by implementing the principles of vedic architecture, building according to Maharishi Sthapatya Veda. These building methods ensure that natural laws are respected, so that the people living in the house naturally feel supported in all aspects of their daily life.

Extensive experience with thousands of houses built according to Vedic architecture in several different countries around the world, has shown that this system of building works. The owners found that their expectations were even exceeded.


This is the first housing project in The Netherlands whereby health, wellbeing and personal growth are supported by the architectural system applied.


For more information about Maharishi Sthapatya Veda or Maharishi Vastu Architecture follow this link >>

Preliminairy design Peace Estate on location Campuszone, Lelystad - click for larger view >>

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