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The promise that Vedic architecture, applying the guidelines of Maharishi Veda Sthapatya, is good for the wellbeing of residents, has inspired the initiators to develop a residential area on the basis of this knowledge. Meanwhile a construction site has been found and a first preliminary design and an agreement with the city of Lelystad for the development of the area has been made.


The foundation Vredeswijk coordinates the design of the neighbourhood and serves as a principal for its realization, according to the organisation model of Collective Private Commissioning (CPO).


The foundation's aims are:

  • To achieve and maintain one (or more) residential neighbourhood(s) in the Netherlands, built according to the design principles and guidelines of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, and by doing so creating a fortunate environment for everyone who is living, working or otherwise staying in it. In this residential area(s) may be included, but not exclusively, matching facilities such as Peace Palace, a school, a vegetarian restaurant, a food store and guest accommodation.

  • To inform about and promote all facets of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, in the broadest sense of the word, to recruit residents, users and guests of the residential area (s) as mentioned in the first point.

  • To allocate dwellings and business premises to tenants and buyers in a residential area as mentioned in the first point.

  • To perform all further actions, which are connected to the foregoing in the broadest sense or may be conducive to it.


The foundation has a board and a supervisory board. The board is constituted by Raymond Slot (Chairman), Sjoerd Vos, Steven van Spijker and Pierre Knibbeler. The Supervisory Board is constituted by Paul Gelderloos, Bert Zijlstra and Leo Hekker.


The foundation is assisted in the development of the Peace Estate in Lelystad by Fortuinlijk Wonen BV ( and architect Alberto Castaño.


An action plan for the development of the Peace Area has been written. A final version of this plan will soon be added to this website.


For more information about Vedic architecture and Maharishi Sthapatya Veda see

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