Naturally at home - applying vedic architecture for

located between forest and water in the heart of the city

health - wellbeing - growth - success

70 exceptional houses

Houses and other facilities for sale and to rent

The Peace Estate includes about 70 houses and other facilities. As all the buildings are designed and built according to the principles of Vedic Architecture, there is an inherent harmony and connectedness in the area, making it a place where you will want to be.


The houses will de developed in three categories each forming about a third of the total number:

  • Low priced houses for sale and to rent
  • Middle category houses for sale and to rent
  • Higher priced houses for sale


Different types of housing are included in the preliminary planning::

  • Apartments
  • Maisonettes
  • Terraced houses
  • 4-under-1 roof houses
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Detached houses


Meeting points are vital for developing social contact in an area. The future occupants will be involved in the selection of desirable and feasible facilities to be included in the plan.


Refined, sustainable and ecological

Vedic building is inherently sustainable, ecological and people friendly. By designing a whole area it is possible to work more sustainably than in situations where the houses are built one at a time.


The architect’s focus is on creating houses and buildings with a modern style while applying more refinement in the design than the current average. Although there is architectural variety in different sections, the applied principles give unity to the estate as a whole.

In conjunction with the future occupants, the design of the houses and other facilities will be further shaped in the drafting of the urban master plan.





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